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Meridian Forums are a unique and innovative venue for shared learning and experimentation. It is a digital, multilingual forum with a global membership of more than 1,000 leaders in academia, government, and business. Its purpose is to generate ideas and guidance on important problems of our time. Collaborative work takes place in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese on a digital platform. All of the commentary is translated from its original language so that the entire forum discussion is available in all four of these languages. At the end of the discussion, forum summaries – again in all four languages – are made available.

Each forum welcomes participants from a wide variety of fields and perspectives. If you are not already a participant, write to Senior Program Coordinator Ariel Schwartz (, and she will add you to the platform.


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Active Forum: Data Governance

Led by:
Xingzhong Yu
Anthony W. and Lulu C. Wang Professor in Chinese Law
Cornell Law School

Chao Xi
Professor, Faculty of Law
Outstanding Fellow of the Faculty of Law
Chinese University of Hong Kong

Per the old adage, knowledge is power – and today’s knowledge is data. Subsequently, this forum focuses on the field of data governance, a space that asks us to consider who controls our vast quantities of data, by what means, and with what repercussions. While many have discussed the commercial significance of data governance, largely focusing on its technological and organizational aspects, we are only beginning to skim the surface of its social and political implications.

Through policies and procedures, organizations and individuals manage every element of data, from its availability, usability, and consistency to its integrity and security. Data governance is, by definition, supervisory. This forum thus asks participants who should govern data, to what extent, and how. How do data governance and socio-political factors shape one another? What are the ethical and legal implications of data governance? Other questions provoke participants to reflect upon the roles of rights and equity in data governance practices and to consider how we might build ethical data cultures.

The forum runs through April. Download the forum flyer to share with colleagues.