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Meridian 180

Meridian 180

Transformative Leadership

Welcome to Meridian 180

Meridian 180 develops strategies for crisis preparedness from an interdisciplinary perspective through multilingual exchange, working to cross the divide between the academy, industry, and the public sector.

We seek to anticipate and prepare intellectually and politically for future environmental disasters, political and military conflicts, economic crises, and problems of social justice globally. Our methodology is to assemble a unique global group of creative thinkers, build relationships among them, and develop adaptive solutions that can mitigate the impact of these challenges.

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Forum: The Invisible Hand: Global Platform Companies, Art, and Digital Society

Departing from the customarily word-focused format, this upcoming forum is grounded in images and objects. Inspired by works such as “Flat is the New Deep,” by Sunwoo Hoon, we are exploring artistic responses to the rise of global platform companies whose business models offer (apparently free) mass connectivity in return for the relatively invisible extraction of information and data. We also wish to explore with members how art could be more effectively and deliberately deployed to inform and mobilise public opinion on this and other issues of pressing social concern. 

This forum prompts participants to engage with artistic representations of the entanglement of technology, policy, privacy, power, and capitalism.

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Third annual Global Summit explores the digitization of modern life

Digital Humanity: Risks and Opportunities Technology impacts nearly every aspect of society today. How does the digitization of modern life affect the rule of...
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Issues of ‘Trust and Distrust’ explored at UNSW Sydney base launch

With an inaugural event in Australia focusing on the theme of ‘Trust and Distrust,’ Meridian 180 has officially launched at UNSW Sydney. UNSW is Meridian...
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Meridian 180 Forms Partnership with Ritsumeikan University, Its Third in Japan

Meridian 180 is pleased to announce a new partnership with Ritsumeikan University, in Kyoto, Japan. Founded in 1900, Ritsumeikan is one of Japan’s leading private universities and is committed...
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