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Third annual Global Summit explores the digitization of modern life

Digital Humanity: Risks and Opportunities Technology impacts nearly every aspect of society today. How does the digitization of modern life affect the rule of...
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Issues of ‘Trust and Distrust’ explored at UNSW Sydney base launch

With an inaugural event in Australia focusing on the theme of ‘Trust and Distrust,’ Meridian 180 has officially launched at UNSW Sydney. UNSW is Meridian...
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2017 2nd Annual Global Summit: Responding to the Rise of Inward-looking Societies

More than 65 members from around the world gathered at Meridian 180’s 2nd Annual Global Summit in Brussels, Belgium, to strengthen ties started on Meridian...
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Play With a Purpose: First Annual Meridian 180 Global Conference Seeks to Prepare Thought Leaders for Crisis

Three men and four women stand in a semicircle in a bright, high-ceilinged room. At one end a man grimaces and shakes his fists....
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